here is a story i wrote a long time ago

The Staff of Moses
Oct-6-1973 1:00 PM:

Shabbat fell on Yom Kippur. At 1:00 P.M., the armies of Egypt, Syria, Jordan and others threw their collective manpower backed by the might and technology of the USSR at the tiny Jewish state. The Arabs had been armed with tanks, ships, anti aircraft missiles, and artillery from the USSR from 1948 and now they wanted to try them out.
2,000 Syrians tanks were thrown at two small Israeli brigades on the Golan. The Israelis were taken by surprise. They were out-gunned and outnumbered nine-to-one. The Israel reeled with destruction and violence. Fires from the bombing were raging all about. The Arab Armies were getting close to Tel Aviv and Jerusalem and were about to finish the job the Nazis had started.
The UN like usual caught "speak, see and hear no evil" virus whenever Israel was in danger.
Israel got ready to launch its Jericho missiles to obliterate the terrorist military bases.
In the USA, the Pentagon, and State department were at each other's throats over the issue of whether to send any help to Israel. The Pentagon wanted to send nothing and the State Department headed by Kissinger wanted to send one and a half cargo planes.
The Soviets were already re-arming Egypt to the tune of 700 tons of weapons daily. Kissinger came to Nixon saying that Israel was just about to become extinct. The Pentagon was afraid if America would send weapons to Israel, the war would escalate to a confrontation with the USSR. The Articles of impeachment had just passed on Friday against Nixon. He was fighting his own battles. America was already waging a war of identity. The streets were battles grounds of ideology. The vice President had just quit in disgrace. Nixon asked Kissinger, "If we send just one and a half planes, will there still be political fall out?"
Kissinger said, "Yes. It won't matter how much you send." Then Nixon ordered, "Then everything that can go and fly must go and fly." The Soviet Navy was sent to the coast of Haifa and Brezhnev threatened Nixon that, "If the U.S. did not back off, Haifa will be obliterated." The U.N. was strangely quiet as they always are when Jews are faced with annihilation.
Brezhnev sent nuclear submarines of the coast of Haifa.
Brezhnev heard of a proto type plane that single handed could win the War for Israel, and demanded that the plane be shelved or Haifa and Jerusalem would be destroyed.
His nuclear submarines got ready to fire their primary weapons.
Most of those Syrian tanks and Soviet submarines disappeared mysteriously before any help had arrived from America. The story of their disappearance has been classified Mosad material until the Israel Supreme Court made a ruling that all information must be declassified after twenty five years except for that what is tied to the security of Israel.
In the chaos, Sarah Stein the only daughter of Leila, then living in Israel, was lost. She had not gone to seminary in the morning before the surprise attack. Her mother was CIA. And had spotted a lot of radio traffic between Arabs countries and had warned her to stay home that day.
The seminary took so many hits from bombs that it looked like modern art. But she had escaped to a friend's house -- not just any friend but a boy friend, Avraham Michaelovitch - with whom she had fallen in love. She had seen him on the street one day in Jerusalem.
The unusual thing about him was he had intense eyes. He seemed like the kind of guy that could stare down a forest. She called them "Kabalah eyes."
She walked over and said, "Hi, I am Sarah Stein."
He said," Correct."
"According to the rules of etiquette the correct response is for you to tell me your name."
"According to the laws of etiquette is proper for a girl to introduce herself to a guy?"
"Nowadays, "guy" introduces himself to "girl"; result - a sexual harassment lawsuit. So guys stopped doing so. So I have to introduce myself."
"Well, in that case, my name is Avraham Michaelovitch and I am a spy for the Mosad, CIA, and I am a yeshiva bachur and would be happy to date you."
"You are just trying to scare me off by making me think you are a mental case. But it won't work. You should have gone the whole nine yards and told me you have discovered alien life forms also."
"As a matter of fact, I think I might have. But no I am serious. I would like a date with you. I will just have to fit the date in between my conference call with the head of the CIA and my gemara shiur [class in Talmud]."
She was not sure what to make of him. He always seemed to be between seriousness and playful humor. He had the look of a guy who had just robbed Bank Leumi and was expecting the Mosad to be on his tail any minute. He was as talkative as Memnon. [3]
She was once with him when some Arab children began to throw stones at them. He just walked away. He seemed like a guy who was always turning the cheek like a perpetual tennis spectator.
He never went to synagogue. She asked him why. He said, "I always found Shabbat speeches dryer than dust. They are random word assemblages of verses mixed with psychobabble. It's like they want to numb you into submission.
"You know, it sounds like you have been through a lot of trouble."
"It is when you go through a lot, and your arrogance is broken down, then you can discover who you really are."
On this day, she went to his house and knocked on the door. His house was the only one still standing on the block. He called through the closed door, "Who is it?"
- "Hi, Avraham, it's me".
- "Sorry, I gave at the office. No I am just joking. Come in."
Avraham opened the door and welcomed her in. He was dressed in a rumpled shirt and jeans, and had smudges of oil on his face like he has just come from fixing a machine. He always liked life rough and ready, with the bark still on it.
He said "Boy, am I surprised to see you."
- "All the king's men could not have kept me away. I really wanted to see you."
- "Well, I am sorry for this mess. I'm just finishing a science project."
- " You do science experiments?"
- "Yes, scouts honor."
He said, "I heard your mom works for the CIA, is that true?"
"We don't hide it. She goes to the CIA office every day. But how did you hear about it?
"You don't want to know."
"No really. Tell me."
"I heard from a KGB agent that defected to the west."
"Can't you ever be serious?"
"I am serious"
"Well," she said, "You seem know a lot about me. Are you spying on me? Do you know what I ate for breakfast?"
"Sorry, your curtains were closed."
"Well anyway I don't think much of my Mom's work. I think she just does a lot a typing there and office work. The CIA is just a big bureaucracy that shuffles enough of paper every day to ballast a submarine or sink a ship. They got the tip about the radio traffic from the Mosad."
- "I think I read about your mom, Leila Feynman, in the newspaper."
- "Well, I don't think much of newspapers. Even when they get a story right I am sure they still are twisting it somehow. I buy them for lighting tinder wood in our fireplace at home. But anyway tell me what you read."
- "It said a certain Leila Feynman was out talking a walk one night. A group of Arabs came out of a dark alley and started stoning her with rocks the size of footballs. She took out her magnum-37 and Bam! Bam! Bam! End of problem. She was arrested for having an unregistered weapon. The police asked her why she attacked the Arabs. She said, 'They hurt my feelings.' Later the police found out she was C.I.A. and let her go."
He brought her to his room that was clustered with microscopes centrifuges, a funny looking black box of that was making a small humming sound. The walls were lined with textbooks. She was surprised.
He saw the amazement in her eyes and said, "I just do this in my spare time. Most of the time I am in yeshiva."
"What is the small black box?"
"It is an experiment with time and space travel based on the complex values of electric potential at the surface of a conductor. I magnify the complex space and attach it to the worm hole at the center of an atom. It can make space as crooked as Al Capone. It is based on the idea that space and time are tied together and that if you cause a collapse in the wave function of space that time becomes meaningless and you can go where ever you want in it."
She said "I feel I like I have just been put through a wine press. Maybe we can get out of here? I am nervous as a worm in a bird's nest"
"OK, let me pack a few things. We should be able to get out of here in an Israeli minute. I have an experimental plane in Tel Aviv. Come with me for a short trip? I would love to have you along."
"Where are we going?" she asked, ignoring the halachic difficulties for the moment.
"Space," he said.
She paused for a moment, blinking, then said," Oh... OK, fine you want it to be a surprise. I love surprises."
"First I have to change. So just give me a minute." She waited in the living room. When he came out he was wearing a military jumpsuit, boots and a steel helmet. On the jump suit he had a series of straps that held a canteen, a pouch for a first aid kit, and spare magazines for a .45 Colt pistol that was on his belt. On a safety holster he had a Magnum .44. From his shoulder hung a Uzi. He and handed to her a Thompson sub-machine gun.
"Why all the guns? I thought you were learning Talmud all day."
"Learning Talmud is a dangerous profession."
"Do you know how to use them? I mean handling them takes a lot of practice."
"I was a boy scout."
"What about the turning the cheek Avraham I used to know?"
"This is only for when I get backed into a corner. I run from a fight if I can. But if I have to fight, I will."
He went into a closet. Got out a duffel bag. He put in a toolkit and other hardware.
They left to Tel Aviv punching lights all the way. On the road near Tel Aviv the Arabs were shooting at the cars in front on them.
Avraham stopped the car. Sarah asked, ”what are you going to do?” Avraham said, "we wait."
They camped out the whole night. Sarah heard Avraham stir towards dawn. At the first light of dawn, the time you can see but not be seen, the time of the hunter, Avraham said, "Come on."
Avraham and Sarah circled behind the position of the terrorists. The terrorists didn't see the peril even when the sharp edge danger was close.
Avraham came out behind them and said under his breath, "You useless hog tits, have a lead bath." He blasted them to Smithsonian institute.
She said to him, "You have got a way with words."
"You should see what I can do with whole sentences."
"How come you just didn't drive around them?"
"My Dad taught me that adversity must be faced head on without equivocation." "That is a real positive attitude." "It is realistic."
"You know a lot of guys think you are strange."
"I am not strange. All my friends think I am normal.
"Which friends are those?"
"The type that track down spiders at night and eat them raw."
"No wonder they think you are normal.
At the Airport the guard asked for their ID papers and permission for fire arms. Avraham said just call Colonel Jakob Hilbert for me. He is in the Mosad office his number is 03-504-6123. ext 48. They were allowed through.
In the terminal they walked to a side guard office. Avraham showed his id to the guard. The guard said, "Wait a min." A brigadier general walked out and asked you are Avraham Michaelovitch. "Yes" I have a sealed message for you." He handed an envelope to him. Avraham opened it. It read: "Secret priority. Mosad Central Office Tel Aviv. MSG No 145. 15:00 Greenwich 6 Oct 1973 Deliver following to Avraham Michaelovitch from Uncle. No go for Proto type. No go for search for element. Rocky will exfiltrate to the USA and return B-17 to Andrews Air Force Base. Acknowledge. Uncle."
He explained," I got the funding for this project from the USA government (Uncle is CIA) but it was supposed to be just an advanced war plane that could escape detection by going in and out of what you could call sub space. Israeli astronomers have discovered a planet with the missing elements in the table of elements of that I need for a certain time device. This will be my first trip to visit"
"What do you mean missing element? There are no missing elements."
"Next time you see a table of elements take a closer look. It is not symmetric. There are elements with complex values that I need for this proto type plane. It looks like they are trying to shut me down.
Rocky is their man here but I have seen him talking with a Soviet spy Ceder le'Omer."
They snuck around the side to the hanger. Avraham took out his chain cutter and opened chain lock.
The workers outside the hanger there seemed more likely to start reciting the Iliad in ancient Greek than to pay attention to them.
They saw Rocky (Amrafel Derzinsky) opening the safe and trying to steal the plans and Omer trying to prep the plane.
"What are you doing here?"
"Watch out Avraham, you know I have permission to take the plane."
"Not to the Soviet Union. Don't you know who that guy is you are working with."
"Stand down Avraham. We are taking the plane."
"No you are not."
Derzinsky pulled out Uzi and started shooting. Avraham got out his Magnum and shot back.
Derzinsky took cover behind a wall and called out, "you don't stand a chance- if we don't stop you here we will get you in a air."
Avraham said, "Walk away. You know I work for the Mosad and I have put dangerous criminals away. Why do you think they have not gone after me when they got out? It's because of the hidden files I have on the Russian Mafia in Tel Aviv. Didn't you read the newspaper (Yediot Acharonot) about the mafia drug lords in Haifa that got out of prison in 6 months and are now leading upright lives? Well I have extensive files on them in a bank deposit box. In anything happens to me or Sarah, my lawyer will open that box and send those files to the government prosecutor’s office and those men will go away to prison for a long time. So if you don't want the hydra heads of the Russian Mafia after you, just put down the Uzi and walk away. I won't chase you or report you."
Derzinsky came out with Omer and went to the main hanger.
She saw just some old propeller plane with the name Enterprise."
Avraham: "It is just an old surplus B-17. They just did not have anything better to do than to let me experiment with it."
"Like what did you do with it?"
"You will see. I have added a few improvements and improvisations of my own. You will like them. I changed the shape of the wing to fit an equation based on chaos theory and turbulence. And I added two tiny jet engines under the wings with a homemade improvement. I increased the degree of compression behind the diffuser and also recycle some of the exhaust and use the heat. I also strengthened the structure by adding a layer of aluminum alloy 24S-T."
But when she got on she saw the interior was not like any other plane she had ever seen. The walls were made from some iron alloy that was soft to the touch. She said, "It looks like what you do, you do from soup to nuts." He tried the engines. The back burner shot out intense flames of blue. She said, "I wish I had had the foresight to bring marshmallows."
He set course 297.5 degrees and radioed the control tower, "We are on course West North West."
"Rocky, you are not cleared for take off. We will shoot you down."
He turned on his ECM (electronic counter measures).
All the radar in the control tower jammed.
[When the ECM detects enemy radar, it sends false images to the source. This version also jammed radar.]
He taxied the plane out to the runway.
Avraham said to Sarah, "It takes two to fly this. I need you to help. Ok? After we get into the air I need you to pull up the wheels since I am going to be busy flying it. So I am going to tell you 'Wheels up,' and that means to pull on the lever that controls the wheels. This green light should come on. Then you tell me 'wheels up.' If the red light goes on we have got a problem. But don't worry. Just tell me. OK?"
"Yes, captain."
"Then we need to get the flaps up so I say, 'Flaps', and you put that lever on zero. Then wait until the needles match. OK?
"Got it, sir."
He reached up and turned on the master buss switch. He set the carburetor control to "full rich" and pushed the throttle of the right engine a drop and pressed the "engine one" start button.
The engine started grinding away. He thought he might need to replace the battery. Then it gave a few hick-ups and started spluttering away. All the needles moved to green and he released the brake. To her amazement they started moving. She had never sat in a cockpit before and watched all this.
He taxied to the end of the runway and turned around. He checked to see the magnetos were in position, set the flaps at 20 degrees made sure all the needles were in the green and advanced the throttles.
They started accelerating and just then the police came out off the main hanger and started shooting at them.
They got to take off velocity and he put the nose down to get the tail wheel off the ground. Then the shaking stopped and they were in the air.
He said, "Gear up and zero flaps."
She pulled the lever for the gear and pulled up the flaps and replied, "Gear is up and the needle is at zero, captain."
They climbed up to 20,000 feet.
Then he pushed a bottom and the side jets started and they blasted into the stratosphere at a 45 degree angle. Their speed was increasing till they reached 13 hundred miles per hour. Before she knew it, she was up to 30,000 feet. When they got over the soup, she could see the clouds stretch like cotton candy until the horizon.
Then they heard a missile warning on the ECM. (Bass tones were for searching radar. Higher pitch was ground radar seeking a target. A high warble was an incoming SAM (Surface to Air missile).) They heard the high warble. Avraham knew the best way to avoid a SAM was to acquire a visual on it and then outmaneuver it. They looked back and saw the SAM missile and the Mig 27 that had unleashed it.
Avraham waited until it was close. Then he turned the nose down and dived straight down with the missile directly on his tail.
Then before she knew it she was down to 10,000 feet. Then before she knew it she was up to 30,000 feet. Then before she knew it she was down to 10,000 feet. This plane had utter contempt of gravity.
"What are you doing?!"
" I am trying to avoid the missile. Everything is all right. Not need to panic. I have got everything under control."
Then they heard another a rapid piercing beeping from the EMC. That meant there was another incoming SAM. They saw Israeli F-14s shooting missiles at them.
He hit the deck at 100 feet off the ground. Then he started climbing 20,000 feet. 30,000 feet. 40,000 feet.
They climbed higher and higher until she heard a rumbling in the back of the plane. "What is that?" she asked. "It is a little rocket engine I added to get us up into space." "Into what?"
"Space. You never watched Star Trek?"
" You mean like the Star ship Enterprise?"
"I think you mean the R.M.S. Titanic. You put me into a homemade rocket ship??@#$%^&*!!!. You are grammatically insane to put it correctly."
She could see the stars outside her window. They were as shiny and bright as in a planetarium.
He said, "Are you calm? I hope you like the stars. I thought it would be romantic and I have always believed in making a good impression on the first date."
"A good impression? I am scared out of my wits! I have Russians Migs and spies and the Israeli air force shooting at us and I am in a homemade rocket ship and you are asking me if I am calm? And are you calm? And are you sure this is air tight?"
He wasn't talking anymore. He turned on the radar. She heard a "ping ping, ping." She asked, "What is that?" He said, "It is hyper sensitive radar for seeing any matter in the area besides our ship. Can't use the hyper drive until there is nothing around us. To steer through the hole in space I need to send Bessel radio waves that create a cylindrical envelope through the hole. [note 2] I got the idea frome  the verse, "He folds the heavens like a curtain."
She didn't bother asking what the hyper drive was. She could already guess.
"You must do a lot of top secret work." "Yes like the Manhattan project and the formula for Coke & Cola."
"Avraham I am scared."
"Don't worry, the only thing we have to fear is fear itself and fear of fear itself and an audit of our tax returns."
The pings stopped after a while.
The black box started to hum and she saw a tiny black dot in front of their ship traveling with them. They were going faster than greased lightening As she watched the dot grow bigger and bigger and the surface started changing into a different colors. He flipped the plane into a 360 degree roll. They started spinning and entered the space fold. For you folks who have not yet been through a space fold, I will explain a few things. Like most things in life it is a lot easier to get into than to get out of. To get out it is like lassoing a typhoon. It is like a worm hole that connects two different parts of the galaxy. But is is not a hole. It is a fold. It attaches two different parts of space to each other like folding a piece of paper on to itself.
It can get close in certain places and not touch the other part of space and you have to be careful to follow the path where the colors don't curve because on the sides of the tunnel time curves and you can end up in no place -- an unexpected time zone far from this universe.
They were through the wormhole before Sarah could even braid her hair.
She asked him, "How did you do that?" He said, "I could not explain that to you any more than I could explain the plot of a Clint Eastwood movie. But basically I use this idea: Space itself is not simple. It has a structure of a topological group that is isomorphic to the set of imaginary numbers. (That means the elements of one can be changed into the elements of the other.) Matter itself has a complex component. The reason this part of matter is not seen is that it cancels out the complex part of space. But inside a solenoid space becomes simple so I can use the complex part of matter to run the engine and in fact this whole ship is a solenoid so in it we travel can through another dimension--the complex part of space. The engine is based on my theory that space has a parabolic structure with a minimum at the center. The engine as much power as Arnold Swarznegger and lasts about forever--almost as long as a government employee."
"But isn't faster than light travel forbidden by relativity?"
"Well, all matter is made up of waves that travel faster than light. They are called De Broglie waves. Only a signal (putting two waves together) has to go slower than light. But we did not send a signal. We just went with our atoms through the light barrier."
"But how do you travel through space with this plane. Just because it is possible, doesn't explain the actual process."
"Well, think about a sonic boom. There are discontinuities in space that get transferred along certain lines. Now both a sonic boom and the gravitational field are described by hyperbolic equations. So I thought discontinuities should be transferred through space time also. But I could not find what could cause those discontinuities until I looked into atomic physics and discovered certain subatomic processes called Markov processes.
So with a putting some very heavy metal gases into the solenoid I can make a small crack in space. In a series of solenoids I just keep expanding the hole and point the ship in the right direction. That is all there is to it. But there can be discontinuities in those Markov processes in incompressible gases of very large atomic weight only found on that planet. That can help transfer the crack in space that this machine makes into a crack in time. Take a look out the window. We are already in sight of the planet."
They entered the atmosphere.
Avraham said, "I call it 'Planet Olympus'."
"What do you mean discontinuities in space?"
"Well, space is discrete. Under the Planck length there is no space or time. It is literally nothing. There is however a continuous space under that limit that is connected to ours. And under that there is a denser one still and etc., ad infinitum. This device goes to a deeper sublevel where space is dense and continuous. I assume there would be denser spaces under that but so far I have no reached them. So I just suck continuous space through the solenoid that is the ship."
"But before you said space is isomorphic to the set of complex numbers that is continuous."
" I meant the space under the Plank limit."
Sarah: "But the processes you're describing sound too small for any simple device to penetrate. You have no atomic generator, cyclotron, atom smasher. You have just a little black box."
Avraham: "But this little black box has a powerful transmitter. Gravity waves are cylindrical waves. So the have resonance at lower (and higher) frequencies. I can affect the lower frequencies and this affects the higher ones."
When they got close to the ground he extended the slats [the flaps in front of the wings] and flaps on the wings and came in for a smooth landing.
They landed on a beach near a large ocean. The light of the nearby star was bluish. They could see sea smoke twisting up into the air where the cold evening breeze blew over the warmer surface of the water. They got out. There was grass and juniper flowers that lined the beach. Above that area they could see pine and birch trees. He looked at her and somehow she seemed radiant. He said, "You are as beautiful as a rose."
"If I was as smart as a rose I never would have come on this summer excursion. I think I am my own worse enemy."
"Sometimes that is the best part about a person."
"Avraham, how do you get the ideas for all that stuff?
"I trust in G-d."
"So why does God inspire you with these ideas?"
"I was raised in home full of love. My parents and brothers love me and I love them. This is all it takes to be receptive to God."
She took off her shoes and walked barefoot in the sand. She said, "Here I feel down to earth."
She could feel the warmth in the sand.
Clouds were soaring inland from the sea. There was thick grass inland from the beach and then what looked like a pine forest. The sky was a bright blue.
She said, "Imagine. Here we are, the first human beings ever to step foot on another planet. Then she stubbed her toe on something. She looked down. It was a empty can of Coke & Cola."
He called to her, "Come on. We ought to get out of the sunlight before we start looking like French fries."
They walked inland and found a small beach town nearby. It seemed deserted. They were hungry and they saw a town and went to see.
Just then they heard a yelling, "Nachman!" She was scared stiff, but he calmed her down and told her, "They are just Breslov. Totally harmless." Just then they were surrounded by them and they had a dozen or so sawed off shot guns pointed at them.
Avraham said, "Hey wait a minute guys. I think we are all on the same side here."
"Who are you people?" asked a big tall guy that looked like he could not tell a bar of soap from spider rat stew.
"We are from planet Earth on a scientific expedition. We mean you no harm."
"We will see about that." They were taken to their leader.
As it turns out this was a terrorist group  that wanted to rule the whole world.These vicious terrorists surrounded them like personal injury lawyers at the prospect of a product liability lawsuit. They took all their weapons and put them into cold, musty, prison cell. Sarah said, "I feel like we are on a greased slope in glass shoes. How do you expect to get us out of this one?"
"Don't worry," he said.
- "Hey, I thought you were the realist" she commented.
- "I am. Just let me think. By the way did you bring anything to drink?"
- "Yeah, right... Next time we go trying to save mankind remind me to pack a picnic lunch."
They heard the door of the cell open. The guard's face was as black as Darth Vader's face shield and as greasy as a take out order of French fries at Kentucky Fried Chicken. The leader of the terrorist group ordered them to be shot immediately.
The Guard: "You! Get up and come with me."
Avraham: "You need some oil on your smile."
"Shut up."
"You know the service in this joint is terrible. Where my hamburger and french fries? Didn't you ever hear about 'The customer is first?'"
"Shut up before I shoot you right here."
"Hey, don't get a tear in your pantie hose. I am coming. Boy, I bet this room has a higher temperature than your I.Q."
They heard a "tat-tat-tat" of a submachine gun.
Sara's mother Leila had gone to the division head of the CIA in Israel and asked for any information on where her daughter was. She told she was seen going to her boyfriend, Avraham. We think his father is connected somehow with the Mosad. She went to his home and found some of the scientific equipment and decided to follow their trail. They had been seen at the airport. She went there. In the private hanger where his B-17 plane was stored she found an extra pro-type plane he had made without telling the CIA and followed their ion trial.
Outside the cell the terrorists were at first not sure what to. They did not know how Leila, Sara's mother had gotten so far into the prison. But when they saw she had no gun they started towards her. She took out what looked like a toy from her Sachs Fifth Ave. pocketbook and threw it on the floor in front on them. They stopped to laugh. The handle of the device sprung into the air. She turned and ran and there was a tremendous explosion. Then she went back and burst into the prison cell.
The guard screamed," Who are you? What are you doing here?"
She said, "Who are you? And what are you doing here with my daughter and her friend? You ought to park your tongue behind your teeth or I will make it more holy than Swiss cheese."
He picked up his gun at her to shoot her. She shot him instantly in the leg. She said, "I guess you will have to try to kick around people with your other leg."
Avraham asked Sarah, "Who is that?"
Sarah: "That is my mom. You can always hear her coming."
They say that the most dangerous place in the world is between a mother and her children.
Avraham got his Magnum .44 gun in the office of the compound as they escaped. When they got back to the ship, they discovered that two terrorists had reversed the controls and headed back to the Earth.
Then the group ran to Leila's ship but the terrorists had just gotten there also and were trying to work the controls to take off but they had left some guards on the outside.
The guards started shooting at them.
Avraham got out his Magnum .44 and blasted them and left them more distorted than a portrait by Picasso. He muttered under his breath, "Clean up in aisle two."
Avraham was what could be called a Organic Material Automatic Disposer [Or M-a-d - for short].
But they had bullet proof shields and started pounding him with grenades and small weapons fire.
Leila got out what looked like a small transistor radio. The ship came down and the door opened and the terrorists inside came running out.
She shot them one by one as they came running out.
They all heard the ships music program playing Vivaldi.
Sarah asked, "They ran away because you started playing Vivaldi?" "I started a self cleaning program in the ship that flushes strong anti-bacterial gases through the ship. It is set to play music on the ICS (intercom system) as it does so."
Avraham asked her, "You didn't mind shooting up those guys?"
Leila: "Those guys were shooting at us. We shot back. If you don't like a lion's teeth, don't pull on its tail."
They took off and landed on a different area to finish their mission to find the special element.

Planet Olympus

Some vagabonds found them and they were asked him to join in communal Shabbat meal. At night they all gathered around a camp fire and sang songs and told stories of how they arrived. They were hippies from Israel and had gone on some adventure and on the way home they flew into a wormhole. They landed on this planet thousands of years in the past.
The King David II was crowned in the third year of their arrival. He was too young at the time to be king so he was put under his mother tutelage, until he was 16 years old. Even the he was too young but a rival group tried to unseat him so his mother had to declare him king. King David's majority was declared [I.e. he was declared to be of age and ready to rule.] David was a fine person but was marked by a sadness from the events of his life. He wanted to make himself master of the outer areas they lived in. He believed in constitutional monarchy where the king is voted on every seven years and the rule of law based on the Torah but also voted on in a house of representatives. And each one representative is voted on also every seven years. But the rival groups that had fallen into the Evil Side did not like that. They wanted  to have absolute power. They went to war. The other groups joined forces against the him and were planting bombs in public places. Finally David, laid an ambush at  Pass Creek to entrap an advance element of fifteen hundred terrorists. The terrorists also tried to enter the City of David from sea side by amphibious tanks. A few made it ashore and provided close in fire support, but a few of David's men took them out with depleted uranium bullets.
The battle of  Pass Creek was an historic event remembered by all subsequent generations as the battle that David emerged in as victor. Peace was established through out the Land.

At the camp fire a Jacob Davidovich, asked Avraham about his warp drive. Avraham explained, "Gravity is curved space. Einstein equated curved space [gravity] with the density of mass and energy in a region. Inside a solenoid [or any conductor of gravity] space is disconnected with the outside space. I beam some high frequency waves into it from inside and I have reached the subspace under the Plank limit.
Jacob said, "The only thing I know about gravity is that it makes it a bad idea to step out off a cliff."
That night Abraham was trying to sleep but something was bothering him. He heard a silent whisper in the back of his mind, "Go from this land to the land of Israel." He got up and walked top the beach and looked the waves for a while. Then after an hour he heard someone coming down the pathway.
It was Sarah. She asked, "What is bothering you?"
He said, "We are in our own time but these men and women got here years ago. We should leave them alone and get back to work to find that element we came looking for. We need to get back and help Israel before there won't be anything left."
"Where should we start?"
"According to the reports, the element was contained in metamorphic rocks (specifically dynamoblastic rocks) in base of a nearby mountain range. There was a fault line that pushed up some very heavy metals from the core. That is where we should look. We should leave in the morning."
After some days they were talking and suddenly the ground they were on started moving like there was a dragon underneath. The magnetic axis of the planet had started to shift due to the warp in the gravitational field that the terrorists had caused when they tried to operate the warp drive on the planet's surface.
The fault line they were on erupted in a volcanic explosion. Lava started flowing all around them. There were violent earthquakes and a tornado was forming because of the shift in the winds. They escaped to the just in time. But according to the sensors they had in the new lava was the element they were looking for.
The grabbed a sample and ran back to the spaceship. But it was stuck in the lava flow. They could not get the engine to start without being pried loose. Then a tree that had been uprooted by the tornado bashed into them and loosened the ship and they took off.
They went back through the space fold but when they got too close to the edges of the fault line and crashed. They saw it was impossible to mistake the time for the 21st century. But they had ended up in on Mount Nebo. They had gone back in time and found Moses.
Avraham said to Moshe, "We need you to come back with us to save Israel."
Moshe: But Israel has sinned.
"That is why we need you to come back with us-to tell us what we are doing wrong."
"You know what you are doing wrong.
What I have written in the Torah is enough."
But Moshe agreed to return with the group.
So it is that until this day no one knows where Moshe is buried. Yehoshua found the five scrolls Moshe had left behind.
They entered the space fold and were more careful.
On the trip back Avraham looked at Sarah. She had a beautiful face. He wanted to remember it forever.
Sarah said, "I did have a nice time. When we get back, I don't want to lose you."
"Don't make it sound like the end."
"Then I want us to be together."
You mean together as in "happily ever after"?"
"Yes I do."
"Ok, but there will be dangers."
"Then we will face them together."
They had discovered several of the missing elements. With one (which Avraham named Avramium modestly enough) they were able to navigate the space fault back to Israel to the year 1973. Another he named Sarium, brought the ship back in time.

Israel 1973
The Soviet submarines were given the order to obliterate Haifa.
The State of Israel was at its last breath. In the words of the minister of foreign affairs Moshe Dayan, there were facing the destruction of the third Temple.
There was suddenly thunder, lightning and a tremendous rain storm. Upon a high ridge there began a glow of great light. The Syrians looked up and there was Moses standing on the hill with his staff. He stretched it forth and the ground began to shake. Then an awesome volcanic explosion rose out from it and covered all the Syrian tanks and the Soviet submarines sank in the Mediterranean and the Red Sea. They have not been located until this very day.
Israel was at peace.
[The anti aircraft missiles did not work for some reason. The Egyptians sent a message to Brezhnev, "Stop shipments of ground to air missiles. Send ground to aircraft missiles."]
The terrorists on the first ship managed to get the ship back to Earth but had crashed the ship. It was busted up and they were taken to the hospital but did not survive.
Sarah got home Sunday night in time to get a good night sleep and be ready for school in the morning. She thought to herself all in all it had been a nice weekend. The phone rang. She picked up. It was her Dad.
"Where have you been? I am been very worried. I thought maybe you had signed up for the Army."
"I am sorry Dad I had to see Avraham. He had a virus."
"What type of virus?
"A 'I love you. I want to marry you' type.
"Who is this guy?"
"You don't know him but I said, 'OK I will marry you but just not on the weekends--No, I am just kidding. I said yes."
"How do you know that you love him?"
"Because I just got done doing a lot of stupid things just to be around him."
Sarah received a phone call telling her to meet a friend at the train station. She was captured and kidnapped by Derzinsky.
Later Avraham got a phone call."
"Give us the plane and the blue prints and we will let her go."
They made a meeting time at the airport.
They got on it and set the controls to go back to Russia but they kept Sarah with them. She kicked at the controls and it went spiraling into the distant past.
Avraham took the fixed reserve proto type and took off this time from an Israeli Air Force base near Jerusalem.
He found Amrafel Derzinsky's ion trail back to 14,000 B.C.E. He arrived he found that they had set a trap for them. He landed in a valley of highly corrosive salt and acid and their ship melted away. That is known as the Dead Sea until this very day. Amrafel and his men pounded at Avraham with artillery and submachine guns.
Just then God poured burning sulphur and brimstone on Derzinsky and Sarah and Avraham were saved.
They hid in a cave in the field of a man named Mamre. Avraham and Sarah were stuck back in time but were happy to be together. From the battle Sarah had been wounded and could not have children until God did for them a miracle in their old age and gave them a son Isaac. Together they founded a new people, the people of Israel.

[note 2] Bessel functions. These are solutions to differential equations with cylindrical symmetry. Radio waves with these patterns create a type of cushion you can pilot a space fold in.
[3] Son of the dawn.