Letter to the New York Post

Letter to the New York Post. Sorry, but if a bully keeps hitting me, when I take action, I make certain that it is a learning experience and use more force to stop future actions.

The real problem is that Israel should have totaled this area long ago, instead of putting up with the constant attacks, and the UN standing by condemning them for accepting those attacks.

There isn't another country that would stand by as Israel as done with so many bombs launched into the country.

 And spare us the outrage of seeing Hamas weeping when bombs hit them, They are the ones that celebrate their children being suicide murderers. Seems Israel just made them the martyrs without the bomb on their body.[end of letter].
 I admit these are my feelings exactly. There is a great deal of frustration in me when i see Israel not taking action to protect its citizens. This whole problem could be solved if Israel would at any time decide to end the problem then and there.

The problem seems to me to be a lack of recognition about a basic characteristic of Arabs--they like to murder.