There is not much time to go into it but there is a difference between how marriage is approached in th Jewish orthodox world and how it was approached by Jewish people in Eastern Europe. The general Orthodox approach to marriage is that it is a contract. A man going on  a date is in essence going on a job interview. The basic question is if he will be able to satisfy the needs of the woman. The Stipler Rav said that a when a man dies not express appreciation for his wife this feels like murder to the wife.
 To some degree this can be justified. In the thought of the Rambam Maimonides there is not place for love except Love of God. the verse Love your neighbor like yourself according to the Rambam refers to obligations one is under towards one neighbor. This is how the Rambam explain the difference in the verse Love "et" G-d. and love "to" your neighbor.
However in the Orthodox world this has devolved into a strange culture that i in no way Jewish (or even human).
Under the chupa we read about what happens if the husband dies or if there is a divorce.
What one does with the property.

Jewish woman I have a message for you. No man wants a woman that will go to the Beit Din on the drop of a hat.