A:Russia I think is keeping up the pressure on the Ukraine to not let them join NATO or the EU. The more the Ukraine goes in that direction politically the more Russia uses actual violence to stop them. Russia will simply not let NATO get to its door step. Period

M: So you are pro-putin?

A: Not exactly. Rather I can see the concerns of Russia
David B. also told me when the whole thing started that he did not see the purpose in a war about borders that have always shifted  in all directions and never been permanent,

M: Except that it's fueled by greed and does not have the best interest of the people at heart. We see what they did to the Ukrainians with the forced starvation

A: Good points

M: I do that sometimes

A: The best idea I think is not to aggravate Russia. It seems to me they will not let NATO get up to their doorstep at all cost. So why aggravate them?

M: Because um... it's a long-game of survival?

A: Right about that. They Russia does not think NATO is hostile right now. They certainly do not think NATO wants to invade this minute. But as far as they are concerned it is just a matter of time until the next invasion happens.And when it does they do not want to be fighting inside Russia. They would rather repel the enemy before they get to their gates.