essential doctrines of Christianity

One of the most essential doctrines of Christianity is universality. It is hard to ignore this fact when dealing with the question why massive integration is advocated. Not that I think integration is a very good idea. But a lot of people in the USA get their morality Sunday morning and then practice it during the week without saying from where it comes from.

[This brings me to the well known critiques of "bitul HaMitzvot" that at least Pauline Christianity [i.e. based on Paul] believes in nullification of the mitzvot of the Torah, not Peterine Christianity (i.e. based on Peter and James). Also the problem of worship of a person, albeit a great person, is not well founded. That does not imply however there is no value in belief in a tzadik. On the contrary, there is great value in that, but not in the sense of equating a true tzadik with God.]

Christianity,  is in any case undergoing a transformation. I would hope it would be more in the direction of Peter and James that to me seems more intellectually honest.
As the Talmud says, "Grab too much and you have grabbed nothing. Grab a little and you have grabbed something." Christians have tried to hard to make Christ= God, and that is what weakens it. They grab too much.
That is the correct view is something they have not considered. They think if they think of Jesus as anything less than God that means he was just a man. That is a mistake since there is such a thing as belief in a person that is connected with God in a direct way that brings that connection to believe that believe he has that connection.