From the Red Pill blog

My friend Joseph was in my close friend group in high school and the beginning of college. Good looking dude, never had many issues with girls. In fact, he was dating a smoke show, who was one of the coolest girls ever. Then they broke up and he met another girl a couple years ago. This girl is five years older than he is. I only met her once, but I noticed that she was a grade A bitch. She kept on harping on the fact that she was older than me and our friends and therefore was smarter and better than us. At the time we were 21 and she was 25. Joe was in school getting his engineering degree, and she was working a minimum wage job. I'm usually willing to give people a chance and never really immediately dislike people, but I hated this girl within five minutes of meeting her.
Fast forward to now. We're 23 and she is 27. Joseph has been off the grid the past couple of years and never hung out with us in that period of time. All of a sudden a few months ago he announces he's moving to Colorado with this girl. He was dropping out of school because she wanted him to move away with her. He never got his degree because she told him they would have a better life together out there. (Keep in mind we're from New York so this is a big leap for him). Long story short the only job he can get is working for some construction company for a shitty wage compared to what he could have gotten as an engineer in NY. Her job? I shit you not she gets paid to spin hoola hoops at EDM festivals. As absolutely everyone here would have guessed, she has cheated on him multiple times. He pays the rent with the little money he gets at his shitty job. Now he can't afford to move back to NY and is living with a manipulative psycho who lives at EDM festivals. To top it all off she has gained about 30 pounds since I last saw her. A good man who had it all together now on the verge of losing all of his potential, if it even exists anymore. All we can do is watch his life collapse before our eyes like a car crash you can't look away from. He'd honestly be better off just ditching her and hitch hiking back to NY to live with his parents and start over. But there's no getting that through to him. There's nothing we can say to him without him wrapping himself up in his denial claiming "we're working it out" and "it will get better". If I was him would have pulled the rip cord as soon as she even started acting like a cunt to my friends, let alone suggest I drop out of school and move to Colorado and work a minimum wage job to support her whoring it up at modern day woodstock. Guys that fall into this trap can only learn the hard way, but for his sake I'm hoping he does while he's still young.