True the West is in crisis. Christianity also. Yet the demise of Christianity has been predicted so many times already that I lost count. The trouble I see with Christianity is the divide between reason and faith. During the Middle Ages there was considerable effort to mend that divide and later also. Notably Hegel and Aquinas. And nowadays there are people into Aquinas like Dr Feser in California. Maybe smart Christians are just not so talkative? True that the USA for teh last 30 years or more now has been highly hostile towards family and traditional values. Still I am optimistic after seeing the USA vote for Trump. That is like a lighting strike in the middle of the darkest night. My own recommendations towards Christianity if there was anyone to listen would be the Clementine Documents,–i.e Peterine Christianity instead of Pauline.

"Do you see this as arising from the exoteric/esoteric divide that Evola mentioned?" 

I was thinking more along the lines of the book of Job when his friends asked him "Is not your fear, your stupidity?". That is I see when faith is separated from reason it becomes stupid. This had a long history in Christianity and with Saadia Gaon and Maimonides it had a long history. Aquinas came up with a pretty good system based on his trying to get faith and reason to go along together. Before him Christians were going with the Neo Platonic school. Then came Hegel trying to do the exact same thing a Aquinas but with making full use of people that came before him--just like Aquinas also did. 

The reason all that stopped I think came from a few sources. The first would be Luther, but the Enlightenment philosophers also. My view of this is that it is sad. I tend to look at people trying to bridge that divide between reason and faith in a positive light.

The best anti reason people I think were Hamann and Joseph De Maistre [If I am spelling that right.] and they had some good points. Still I prefer this kind of balanced approach that I think had its beginning with Philo and later with Saadia Gaon. I should mention Dr Kelley Ross whose has done an amazing amount of work in this direction also but coming from Kant and Fries, not Hegel.