I see that Rav Shach calls the "Enlightenment" "the accursed Enlightenment." What does that mean? I assume it refers to the actual Enlightenment philosophers Hobbes, and Hume and Rousseau plus the ideas of the Enlightenment that had come into the Jewish People.  It is unlikely that he meant the Rambam who emphasizes the learning of Metaphysics and Physics as understood by the Ancient Greeks.
The problem that I see is the religious world is a million times more evil than anything in the secular world. The Enlightenment I admit has problems but the religious world which pretend to keep Torah is so far infinity worse  than anything else out there I wonder why that side of things was unknown the the great Litvak Sages like Rav Shach. the religious world certainly is not the path of traditional Torah but rather some kind of insane perversion thought up by mentally ill religious fanatics.