I would like to suggest that שמחה on the three festivals requires bringing a peace offering but only once. You can not separate bringing a peace offering from Joy on the festival because it is openly one of the three things one must bring to the Temple. ראיה חגיגה and שלמי שמחה. The first "being seen" ראיה is definitely a burnt offering. The second, the חגיגה is a peace offering. The third is definitely another peace offering. But joy is required all seven days of the festival. If one would be required to bring a peace offering every day or every other day then where is this in the Mishna? Why has the Mishna the Gemara and the Rambam skipped this? If one would be required every day to bring a new peace offering you would think someone would bring it up! To me it seems clear one is required  one peace offering for joy and the rest of the festival one fulfills the commandment of joy with just regular meat and wine.