Kant we know discovered galaxies which is a great accomplishment in itself. But credit also goes to him in the revival of the old Platonic concept of two levels of reality. The dinge an sich an phenomena. So on one end of things space and time are just artifacts of recognition. Ways we perceive things in themselves. This we know from the fact that nature violates Bell's inequality.

But if that is all we knew then for all we know reality might be non-local. But we already know locality from GPS global positioning satellites that have to be set  to account for Special Relativity and General Relativity [The satellite moves fast around the Earth so its clock goes slower by 7 seconds. It also is far out from the gravitational pull of the Earth so its clock goes faster by 45 seconds. So it has to be set to go slower every day by 38 seconds.
Therefore nature is local and subjective-- Nothing has objective time or position until measured.