The Bolsheviks were small, but combined with all the leftists were great. The provisional government was not tzarist but rather the social democrats and the Menschiviks. Thus the general opinion of the Russian people seems in fact to have been in that direction--at the time. Eventually Socialism  lost its plausibility.
The Enlightenment philosophy has proven to be problematic but that does not imply the West is gone. The West is going through a period of awakening and transition to something new. Some new kind of question and answer or answers. 

The West besides being characterized by the Bible also depends a lot on philosophical questions. That is starting from Parmenides how is change possible? which resulted in Plato and Aristotle and the Middle Ages. Then the Enlightenment questions, What is a just society? and the Mind Body problem which resulted in a whole long list of people answering one or the other. Kant and Hegel were results of the second question--but also the first to some degree.  Now the questions and answers are changing.  

What is Matzah?

What is Matzah? Flour and water that have been mixed and cooked in less than 18-24 minutes. I think there is a lot of confusion about this simple issue. I am not sure from where the confusion comes from. The basic idea is simple. And it does not need to be crunchy. One could simply put it in a frying pan and fry it like pancakes. The only thing then would be not to put in much oil. Just enough so it does not stick to the bottom. Also it has to be thick. if the batter one puts into the frying pan pours out then it is not [hamotzie]--bread but rather [mezonot] cake.

The thing to be careful about is the plate you mix the flour and water in. After 18 minutes the dough is hametz (leavened bread).

["How far astray we can go (often with practically disastrous consequences, particularly in medicine and agriculture) when we haughtily ignore the proper names of things, disregard the small but distinctive differences among real species, and falsely assume that all things looking basically alike, and coming from the same broad region, must be the "same" animal."]

That means on pesach you can have hot oatmeal cereal in the morning. In fact it is preferable to do your own cooking on pesach. The matza they sell in stores I would not touch with a ten foot pole.

I should not need proof because this is obvious. However,  just to make a point, I want to mention how Hillel would wrap the meat of the Passover offering in matza. How is that possible if it is crunchy?

[This might be the place to clear up another misunderstanding in the New Testament about the leaven of the Pharisees which is hypocrisy, not Talmud. Leaven is not the same thing as bread.]

Therefore the main thing to be careful about is the plate you mix the flour and water in. But the frying pan or pot is no problem because once the mixture has been cooked, it can not become hametz--ever.
Thus the plate you mix the flour and water in has to be washed in cold water before you you it again. This is very very important--because the remaining dough in the dish is pure chametz after 18 minutes,


Connection with one's father and mother

Connection with one's father and mother is deeper than most people accept. The main way to see  this is in Isaac Luria's Shar Ruach HoKodesh where he goes  into the idea that one's inner light that comes from one's mother and outer light that come from one's father. 

This is not gone into in detail since the Ari in fact never makes the human  connections in his system very explicit. At most, people are an afterthought. Reb Nachman  however does go into the connections between the Ari's system and people in great depth.

Hatred of men

Hatred of men has gone deeply into the female psyche. In one video of Sapolsky,[Professor at Stanford] he was gong into the subject of the social dynamics of a baboon group he was studying. One male was especially aggressive and by some quirk of fate he died from eating meat that had been infected with tuberculosis.  On a side note he mentioned the idea what to do with men that are overly aggressive? He mentioned giving them meat that had been infected tuberculosis. All the women in his class cheered. In another video on another totally unrelated note, in a talk by the House of Healing by Mike, he mentioned women care for their children much more than men and again there was spontaneous cheering from the women.


Left tendencies of the Left Wing Protestant Church

It is hard to ignore, not just the Left tendencies of the Left Wing Protestant Church and the Catholic church, but even the Holiness Movement and Pentecostal. If you would want to remove  all the Left wing policies out of the USA you would in effect remove about 90% of Christianity-at least. And probably much more.

essential doctrines of Christianity

One of the most essential doctrines of Christianity is universality. It is hard to ignore this fact when dealing with the question why massive integration is advocated. Not that I think integration is a very good idea. But a lot of people in the USA get their morality Sunday morning and then practice it during the week without saying from where it comes from.

[This brings me to the well known critiques of "bitul HaMitzvot" that at least Pauline Christianity [i.e. based on Paul] believes in nullification of the mitzvot of the Torah, not Peterine Christianity (i.e. based on Peter and James). Also the problem of worship of a person, albeit a great person, is not well founded. That does not imply however there is no value in belief in a tzadik. On the contrary, there is great value in that, but not in the sense of equating a true tzadik with God.]

Christianity,  is in any case undergoing a transformation. I would hope it would be more in the direction of Peter and James that to me seems more intellectually honest.
As the Talmud says, "Grab too much and you have grabbed nothing. Grab a little and you have grabbed something." Christians have tried to hard to make Christ= God, and that is what weakens it. They grab too much.
That is the correct view is something they have not considered. They think if they think of Jesus as anything less than God that means he was just a man. That is a mistake since there is such a thing as belief in a person that is connected with God in a direct way that brings that connection to believe that believe he has that connection. 

NY universities

NY is a lot better when it comes to the. (NYU I found really nice). But even there, it would be university level better I think to delete everything but STEM. Marxism got into everything else. There is a limit how much Marxism can ruin Atomic Physics. [But even that is not beyond reach. I remember working on a really great text in Soviet Engineering, but even there they managed to put in some Engels. I forget exactly, but it went  something like this:  "Entropy would indicate the world the world was created, but Engels has already explicitly stated etc.."


Democrats are accusing Trump of treason

The reason the Democrats are accusing Trump of treason  is because Trump has not gone after them for treason and conspiracy to destroy the USA. He should go after them immediately.

He is. He's in the process of exposing, investigating, and gathering evidence.

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      I hop so. My impression is however that Trump just wanted to get busy fulfilling his promises. That is good. But in the meantime the enemies of the American people [the Left] have not rested.