Raavad and Rambam on when a law that a decree but not from the Torah is nullified.

I have no Rambam or any way to look this up. But if I recall correctly the Raavad puts his comment about R. Yochanan and the first fruits on halacha 3 and his comment about when the law is accepted throughout all Israel in halacha 2. [That is in laws of ממרים ]

From what I recall Halacha 2 says when the reason no longer applies for a  גזירה or תקנה or a מנהג that was instituted by the great beit din in Jerusalem and has been accepted by all Israel, then another beit din can nullify it if it is greater in wisdom and numbers. But how is it possible to be greater in number when the number is already set to be 71, n more or less. The Ramabm answers this refers to teh number of the sage of Israel that agree with the Beit Din. [The Rambam in all three halachot deals only with the great beit did does not enter into the question of what about a lesser beit din or a beit di today with no semicha].
On this halacha I think the Raavad say No, but once it has been accepted by all Israel even a beit din with great numbers and wisdom can not nullify it.

Then in halacha 3 the Rambam writes a law that was made as a סייג לתורה then even  beit din with greater wisdom and numbers can not nullify it. On that the Raavad brings that R. Yochanan nullified the law to adorn the streets of Jerusalem with the first fruits even though he was not as great as the Beit Din that made the law.

What seems to come out from this to the  Raavad is that if the law has been accepted by all Israel then even though the reason no longer applies, no beit did can nullify it, and if it was not accepted by all Israel then even a smaller beit din can nullify it. To the Raavad everything depends onif it has been accpetd by all israel.



Mysticism I think is kind of  a detour from Torah.

Many truths of the Torah are being distorted by a philosophy that places experience and emotions above the Torah. That  is mysticism. Unfortunately, the misunderstandings spawned by mysticism have gained respectability within the Jewish community.     Because mystics rely on subjective, private, spiritual experiences for guidance and wisdom, they diminish the authority of Torah. Visions and spiritual encounters become more important than the truths found in God's Law.    Though mysticism sounds like a cult, far removed from Torah, it has had a profound effect on many Jews who have never heard of it.

     Many fallacies prevalent in Judaism today have originated from mysticism. 

     It is important to identify the possible influence of mysticism in your life. And it will convince yourself of the importance and the sufficiency of God's Law.


"The appeal
What is the appeal of cults? Imagine being part of a group in which you will find instant friendship, a caring family, respect for your contributions, an identity, safety, security, simplicity, and an organized daily agenda. You will learn new skills, have a respected position, gain personal insight, improve your personality and intelligence. There is no crime or violence and your healthy lifestyle means there is no illness.
Your leader may promise not only to heal any sickness and foretell the future, but give you the gift of immortality, if you are a true believer. In addition, your group's ideology represents a unique spiritual/religious agenda (in other cults it is political, social or personal enhancement) that if followed, will enhance the Human Condition somewhere in the world or cosmos.
Who would fall for such appeals? Most of us, if they were made by someone we trusted, in a setting that was familiar, and especially if we had unfulfilled needs.

Much cult recruitment is done by family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, teachers and highly trained professional recruiters. They recruit not on the streets or airports, but in contexts that are "home bases" for the potential recruit; at schools, in the home, coffee houses, on the job, at sports events, lectures, churches, or drop-in dinners and free personal assessment workshops."

Dr Zimbardo I should mention is the author of the famous Zimbardo Experiment.

To my mind he touches on the most important and basic challenge a Jew faces today. The entire Religious world is one big quilt  of religious cults. So a Jew can either be totally secular or be faced with the danger of cults. This is why I always emphasize the importance of Litvak (Lithuanian) yeshivas -because I am looking for a way to be a good Jew without falling into the cults. [Obviously Reform and Conservative Judaism are not cults, but provide little guidance in the West which is characterized by two words: "Intellectual Chaos."] 

{I should mention that while I have great respect for Gedolai Litva like Reb Shmuel Berenbaum and Rav Shach, still my basic approach is more based on my parents who emphasize balance which is in fact the basic approach of the Rambam. That is to say: the path of learning Torah and cancelling everything else is  agreat path but my on path is to learn Torah {Oral and Written Law} Physics, Metaphysics as the Rambam suggested in his important book, the Guide for the Perplexed.}

On a further note, cults make their progress by redefining words to mean something different from their accurate definitions. Faith of the Torah which is Monotheism is never discussed and is avoided like the plague.  The real authentic definition of the Oral and Written Law is likewise avoided. All Jewish cults make significant changes in the definitions of words in their pretense to be teaching Torah

The average  cult owes its very existence to the fact that it has utilized the terminology of Torah, has borrowed liberally from the Zohar and the Ari (always out of context), and sprinkled its format with  cliches slogans and and terms wherever possible or advantageous. Up to now this has been a highly successful attempt to represent their respective systems of thought as “Jewish.” 


Kant: all characteristics of phenomena depend on the observer. The ding an sich thing in itself is hidden. Hegel: a dialectical process reveals even the dinge an sich. [Neo Kantians went wrong thinking existence itself of objects depends on the subject. Dr Kelley Ross goes into this. But Hegel did not because this mistake happened after Hegel.
[This all started with the idea of traits dependent on the subject and essential traits. Kant just noticed all traits depend on the subject.]


From the Red Pill blog

My friend Joseph was in my close friend group in high school and the beginning of college. Good looking dude, never had many issues with girls. In fact, he was dating a smoke show, who was one of the coolest girls ever. Then they broke up and he met another girl a couple years ago. This girl is five years older than he is. I only met her once, but I noticed that she was a grade A bitch. She kept on harping on the fact that she was older than me and our friends and therefore was smarter and better than us. At the time we were 21 and she was 25. Joe was in school getting his engineering degree, and she was working a minimum wage job. I'm usually willing to give people a chance and never really immediately dislike people, but I hated this girl within five minutes of meeting her.
Fast forward to now. We're 23 and she is 27. Joseph has been off the grid the past couple of years and never hung out with us in that period of time. All of a sudden a few months ago he announces he's moving to Colorado with this girl. He was dropping out of school because she wanted him to move away with her. He never got his degree because she told him they would have a better life together out there. (Keep in mind we're from New York so this is a big leap for him). Long story short the only job he can get is working for some construction company for a shitty wage compared to what he could have gotten as an engineer in NY. Her job? I shit you not she gets paid to spin hoola hoops at EDM festivals. As absolutely everyone here would have guessed, she has cheated on him multiple times. He pays the rent with the little money he gets at his shitty job. Now he can't afford to move back to NY and is living with a manipulative psycho who lives at EDM festivals. To top it all off she has gained about 30 pounds since I last saw her. A good man who had it all together now on the verge of losing all of his potential, if it even exists anymore. All we can do is watch his life collapse before our eyes like a car crash you can't look away from. He'd honestly be better off just ditching her and hitch hiking back to NY to live with his parents and start over. But there's no getting that through to him. There's nothing we can say to him without him wrapping himself up in his denial claiming "we're working it out" and "it will get better". If I was him would have pulled the rip cord as soon as she even started acting like a cunt to my friends, let alone suggest I drop out of school and move to Colorado and work a minimum wage job to support her whoring it up at modern day woodstock. Guys that fall into this trap can only learn the hard way, but for his sake I'm hoping he does while he's still young.

The option of a girl friend is much better than marriage.
See Chronicles I  2:46 on the girl friends that Caleb the friend of Yoshua Ben Nun had.
To most rishonim this is perfectly allowed, Raavad, Ramban, Rosh etc.

On marriage, the  guys I know,  are telling me the same story; don't do it. It just turns to garbage no matter what you do. They'd rather be independent. At best it's a tedious bore. At worst a living hell with financial ruin thrown in for good measure. The problem is that when you're young, you just naturally fall into this mind set where your whole self image is based on how women regard you, and so you spend all your money and energy trying to make yourself acceptable to them. Then later in life the shine wears off and you finally realize that you've wasted yourself on a bunch of garbage.

I couldn't even begin to list all of the  folks I know from work or through my family with kids they either don't get along with, are disappointed in, or are so distant as to not even be a factor in each other's lives.

Marriage is a sham for men. There is no benefit. If you are about to get married, think it over. Don't let your sexual desire do your thinking for you. Don't let your  "I'm in love" euphoria put you on auto-pilot. You will wake up in a hell of a hangover staring at this woman who will control your life.

A few years ago  I started talking to all the  guys I knew...and they all said the same thing; "don't do it, it's hell. Even when it's not bad, it's hell." You end up being closely tied to an old woman. Think about that. I can go to Europe or the south seas tomorrow. If I was married I wouldn't have the money and I'd have to ask HER permission. Don't get married unless you are absolutely, religiously in love with her. Like you'd carry her sick aged body to the toilet and wipe her ass and be happy to do it kind of love.

What I'm saying is that human beings are nasty weak treacherous creatures that are for the most part totally untrustworthy. Experience is my basis for this statement, both mine and others who I know or who have written reliable histories. If you can find a woman to be your companion who is not treacherous, a deceitful little actress, a sly whore or a manipulative nag or a shrieking hag, then you are among the lucky few. Congratulations. I hope your luck continues to hold out.

OK, assume that you will end up divorced and won't see your kids and lose half of your assets, how different is that from being married?

Most married guys I know are working their asses off to pay bills, rarely to get to spend time with their families, mediocre or no sex life, and have wives that spend as much of their money as absolutely possible.

My problem with marriage isn't a fear of divorce; it is that the whole thing sucks divorce or not.

What security is there for men in marriage?

If I cheat on my wife, she gets half my stuff.

If she cheats on me, she still gets half my stuff.

Why the hell should I get married?

Man, it's easy to get depressed about not being married when we live in a society that constantly feeds us the image of the happy couple. It's one big lie. The happiest person alive is someone who isn't a prisoner dependent on another human being... We only have 80 or so years on this rock to achieve true freedom

Very few marriages last nowadays, and even guys older than me are telling me not to even think about it... It's a grossly overrated source of happiness. And for the 80% that do go through divorce, it will financially ruin you for life. Period. You can take your best 10 earning years from say, 35 to 45 and take all the wealth you would have accumulated and flush it down the toilet. Because it will go to her and her lawyer. If it happens naturally and it's good then great, good luck. But the worst thing is to force it, to make gross exertions and ignore all sorts of red lights going off just to be hooked up and "normal." Get some hobbies. Relax. Hang out. Enjoy. Take life as it comes.

As men, we all know that a woman's primary objective is to marry. After years of experience I've discovered their most commonly used strategy. here it is:

1. Girl pressures guy for marriage.

2. Guy delays.

3. Girl gradually starts destroying guy's self-esteem and eliminating his friends.

4. Guy becomes too weak and too much of a loser to find something better than what he has.

5. Girl starts to limit sex. In effect, she's controlling the only good thing in the guy's life.

6. Guy is in despair. Capitulates to marriage.

Then 5-10 years later the guy is an empty shell of his former self. Girl is a ruthless manipulating machine. Girl divorces loser husband. Girl takes 80% of guy's stuff because the guy is too brain-dead to find a good lawyer. Girl lives happily ever after. Guy becomes bald alcoholic who dies of heart attack at 45 years old.

Marriage turns to garabage no matter what you do. At best, it's a tedious bore - at worst, a living hell with financial ruin thrown in for good measure.
American women put up a "pre-marital  show" to impress you. Make you think you're in love. But once you sign the dotted line of marriage, BAM, they get fat, bitchy, cheat on you, and screw you in divorce court.
American women offer up a  worm sandwich and then get pissed off when men go elsewhere to eat.

If I ever think I want to get married, I'll find a woman I don't like and buy her a house.


The Bolsheviks were small, but combined with all the leftists were great. The provisional government was not tzarist but rather the social democrats and the Menschiviks. Thus the general opinion of the Russian people seems in fact to have been in that direction--at the time. Eventually Socialism  lost its plausibility.
The Enlightenment philosophy has proven to be problematic but that does not imply the West is gone. The West is going through a period of awakening and transition to something new. Some new kind of question and answer or answers. 

The West besides being characterized by the Bible also depends a lot on philosophical questions. That is starting from Parmenides how is change possible? which resulted in Plato and Aristotle and the Middle Ages. Then the Enlightenment questions, What is a just society? and the Mind Body problem which resulted in a whole long list of people answering one or the other. Kant and Hegel were results of the second question--but also the first to some degree.  Now the questions and answers are changing.  

What is Matzah?

What is Matzah? Flour and water that have been mixed and cooked in less than 18-24 minutes. I think there is a lot of confusion about this simple issue. I am not sure from where the confusion comes from. The basic idea is simple. And it does not need to be crunchy. One could simply put it in a frying pan and fry it like pancakes. The only thing then would be not to put in much oil. Just enough so it does not stick to the bottom. Also it has to be thick. if the batter one puts into the frying pan pours out then it is not [hamotzie]--bread but rather [mezonot] cake.

The thing to be careful about is the plate you mix the flour and water in. After 18 minutes the dough is hametz (leavened bread).

["How far astray we can go (often with practically disastrous consequences, particularly in medicine and agriculture) when we haughtily ignore the proper names of things, disregard the small but distinctive differences among real species, and falsely assume that all things looking basically alike, and coming from the same broad region, must be the "same" animal."]

That means on pesach you can have hot oatmeal cereal in the morning. In fact it is preferable to do your own cooking on pesach. The matza they sell in stores I would not touch with a ten foot pole.

I should not need proof because this is obvious. However,  just to make a point, I want to mention how Hillel would wrap the meat of the Passover offering in matza. How is that possible if it is crunchy?

[This might be the place to clear up another misunderstanding in the New Testament about the leaven of the Pharisees which is hypocrisy, not Talmud. Leaven is not the same thing as bread.]

Therefore the main thing to be careful about is the plate you mix the flour and water in. But the frying pan or pot is no problem because once the mixture has been cooked, it can not become hametz--ever.
Thus the plate you mix the flour and water in has to be washed in cold water before you you it again. This is very very important--because the remaining dough in the dish is pure chametz after 18 minutes,


Connection with one's father and mother

Connection with one's father and mother is deeper than most people accept. The main way to see  this is in Isaac Luria's Shar Ruach HoKodesh where he goes  into the idea that one's inner light that comes from one's mother and outer light that come from one's father. 

This is not gone into in detail since the Ari in fact never makes the human  connections in his system very explicit. At most, people are an afterthought. Reb Nachman  however does go into the connections between the Ari's system and people in great depth.